Elevate your creative power with design led by AI.
imki is at the forefront of augmented creative AI solutions for the Luxury and Fashion industry by providing bespoke AI's that elevate brand creativity while ensuring security and responsibility.

We elevate brands' creative processes with tailor-made, specialized, secure, and responsible Augmented Creative AI solutions.

What we do ?

imki offers its clients specialized “business” AIs.

These AIs have been specifically qualified by and for designers from top French design schools.

They guarantee accuracy, precision and efficiency.

These IAs are then adapted to our clients. Driven by their brand DNA, they integrate their codes, their identifying product attributes, and the foundations of their brand.

By integrating imki into their processes, our clients gain lead time, from the first creative explorations to the iteration and design phases, right through to the product’s technical finalization.

As a result, the product is brought to market more quickly, and consequently closer to the act of purchase.

By bringing the product closer to demand, we reduce the risk of unsold, overstocked and wasted products.

imki partnered with The Kooples to develop a 100% AI-generated capsule collection.

Use case : The Kooples

imki partnered with The Kooples to develop a 100% AI-generated capsule collection.

The AIs were specialized in the brand’s iconic products and DNA. They were then given to the Artistic Director, Collection Director and Style team to develop the products.

The creative proposals, strictly responding to the brief and attributes of the The Kooples brand, were multiplied by 10. Biker jacket, handbag, dress and denim were developed 3 times faster than usual.

Press article: The Kooples, IMKI to launch AI-powered capsule collection

imki partnered with Turkish industrial partners to develop a 100% AI-generated denim capsule collection.

Use Case : Denim capsule by imki

A special denim capsule collection created and powered by its generative AI technology in close collaboration with their Turkish industrial partners Kipas Textiles and Taypa, recognized leaders in denim manufacturing.

This outstanding collection illustrates imki’s constant quest for excellence in creating custom and accurate AIs.

Unbelievably close to the world’s most efficient production tools, imki reveals its ability to improve the productivity and efficiency of design and manufacturing processes.

Three silhouettes were imagined and produced in less than 21 days, pushing the artistic and technical boundaries from design to manufacturing.

Press article : The Interline  

imki supports brands throughout the process of personalizing and integrating generative AI into their organization.


• One-time setup cost for quick implementation
• Maintenance and evolution of AI included in the subscription

Accessible and secure:
• Access to AI via an intuitive web interface “WebApp”
• Hosting on our secure servers for optimal confidentiality

Intellectual property:
• Specialization of AI without third-party data, respecting your intellectual property.
• You own and commercially exploit the creations generated by the AI.

Creativity - Excellence - Know-how.


Frédéric Rose, the founder, graduated from a prestigious French art school and expert in the value chain of the creative process, created imki 4 years during the emergence of generative AIs.

During his 20-year career, he has delivered numerous projects of excellence, notably being involved in the Scenography of the French Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo with the development of France’s large-format screen printing workshop.

His passion for craftsmanship, his skills and his appetite for innovative technology are at the heart of imki’s values. Being a reference on the subject matter expert, Frédéric Rose’s dream is to build the best-of-breed “Artisan” generative AIs for his pairs in the creative industries.

Today, imkiis a skilled and multidisciplinary team of over 25 employees, primarily AI engineers, Ph.D. data scientists, stylists, with an executive team from major fashion brands, all passionate about fashion, art, and AI.

Partners, Awards, Certification

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